Seller Frequently asked questions

Payment Terms
Jebelz will settle every payment within 14 business days from the date of delivery.
Referral Fee
Commision percentage is 14% for Coffee Equipment and 19% for Coffee Beans and other consumables.
Returns Policy
All non delivered items will be sent back to the seller within 14 business days.
Listing Process
Sellers must provide complete details of every item when listing their products. Approval will be done at Jebelz end and will notify the Seller once the products are live.
Accountancy Process
All financial transactions will be summarized, analyzed and reported to give you an overview. Jebelz will not issue LPO for all vendors.
Shipping Fee
Jebelz will shoulder shipping costs for every delivery excluding those items with issues such as damaged, expired, faulty, etc from the vendor/manufacturer end.

Warranties from Manufacturer and Seller are both accepted. Extended warranty can be also indicated for those applicable items.

The Sellers are responsible for the complete installation of the products and services including introduction training.
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